3 Aerial Photography Tips for Helicopter Tours

Few experiences in Hawaii are as exciting or memorable as a helicopter tour. Aside from allowing you to view sights normally inaccessible to most people, riding a helicopter offers an unparalleled platform for capturing thrilling photographs of the ground below. Before you take to the skies, review the following tips to maximize the quality of your images.

How to Take Great Photos During a Helicopter Tour

1. Secure Your Equipment

The cameras and other gear should get secured before the helicopter takes off. This measure keeps you, the pilot, and other passengers safe. It also reduces the risk of losing expensive equipment while in the air, as the pilot may fly into a steep banking maneuver. You can also encounter slight turbulence, causing you to lose your grip on the gear.

Prevent these issues by equipping the camera with straps before the tour. These accessories can be secured to the wrists or neck and also help achieve stabler shots.

2. Bring Extra Supplies

While in the air, you want to avoid having the camera’s battery die upon spotting the perfect shot. Unless you’re a traditionalist who prefers analog equipment and photographic film, you should charge the device and bring spare cells before a helicopter tour. It’s also wise to have an extra memory card, leaving you prepared if the current one runs out of storage.

3. Communicate with the Pilot

Communication is an important factor in aerial photography. A helicopter pilot’s first concern is to fly the aircraft safely and effectively. It’s therefore unsafe to request unplanned angles or changes to the flight plan while in the air.

Instead, share your objectives with the professional before taking off. Discussing what you want to shoot will give the pilot time to consider minor flight adjustments. You should also check the communication equipment to ensure everyone can speak clearly to each other.