3 Tips When Choosing a Company for Helicopter Tours

One of the best aspects of visiting or living in Hawaii is taking in all the amazing views. A helicopter tour gives you an unforgettable look at the majestic scenery. Here are a few tips for choosing a company for the excursion to ensure a safe and fun experience.

How to Choose a Private Helicopter Charter in Hawaii

1. Check the Company’s Safety Protocols

In addition to making sure guests have a great time, the company you choose should have extensive safety protocols in place. You should receive training and instruction prior to your trip to ensure you know what to do and not do while in the air. Instructors should also encourage questions during safety lessons.

2. Look for FAA Certification

Certification by the Federal Aviation Administration is another consideration when looking for a helicopter tour company. In particular, look for FAA Part 135 Air Carrier certification, which offers assurance the pilot meets the highest standards for training and skill. Certification illustrates that the company is committed to high standards, which is essential for reducing the risk of accidents and other issues. It also shows they’re up-to-date on the latest aviation procedures and requirements.

3. Inquire About Seating Options

Seating plays a crucial role in your ability to enjoy the scenery. If the helicopter is equipped with four seats, you and your guests will have access to unobstructed views. With six seats, people in the middle might have difficulty seeing some of the attractions. Some companies also offer doors-off tours, which are ideal for picture-taking. In this case, passengers are strapped in for their safety.