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Are Doors-Off Helicopter Tours Safe?

One of the most exhilarating adventures available when visiting Hawaii is taking a doors-off helicopter tour of the magnificent terrain. However, many people may find the lack of entryways unsettling. Nevertheless, the activity is safe and well worth the investment. If you’re considering adding it to your trip itinerary, here’s what you should know about it.

Why Doors-Off Are Helicopters Safe

You will be safely tethered to your seat whether the doors are on or off during a helicopter tour. Usually, there will be a multi-point harness around your waist and over each shoulder. There is no way for a passenger to fall out accidentally with these measures. Moreover, the pilot is a trained aviation specialist who won’t perform sudden or unsafe maneuvers and can handle unexpected situations.

With that said, doing a bit of homework will help keep you and your family safe. Newer equipment is better, so ask the tour operator the age of the helicopter and try to select one constructed within the past five years. Pilot experience is also essential, so ask about the guide’s qualifications, training, and how long they have been flying.

Advantages of a Doors-Off Helicopter Tour

With a doors-off helicopter tour, passengers receive an unobstructed view of scenic destinations. This is particularly important for passengers in the rear seats. They can still enjoy sights from their spots, while individuals in the front enjoy a nice view out of the windshield’s dome.

Moreover, doors-off flights are usually limited to four passengers, so nobody is crammed in the rear middle seat, struggling to see the scenery. You’ll find the wind warmer and more refreshing than you can imagine, making the whole experience exhilarating.