What Makes a Doors-Off Helicopter Tour the Best Choice?

For many visitors to Kauai, a helicopter tour is the highlight of their trip. Flying over the island offers a different perspective on the landscape and the chance to see places that may otherwise be inaccessible. When planning your excursion, you have the option of choosing either a doors-on or doors-off helicopter experience. Here is a guide to these two experiences to help influence your decision.

Differences Between Doors-On and Doors-Off Helicopter Tours

At first glance, the only difference between a doors-on and a doors-off helicopter ride appears to be whether or not you’re fully enclosed inside the cabin. However, there are a few significant differences that can influence your enjoyment of the ride.

A doors-off helicopter tour can be noisier and colder than a doors-on ride. Because the wind flows through the cabin, it can be challenging to have a conversation without the aid of a headset. The open sides also mean passengers should wear warm clothing, even when the ground temperature is comfortable. Between the wind and the higher altitude, it’s going to be chilly inside the helicopter.

However, with the noise and temperature managed, riding in a doors-off helicopter provides unparalleled views and the chance to take exceptional photographs that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to capture. It’s still possible to take pictures with the doors on, but they’ll be taken through glass. This can cause reflections, and there may be other obstructions that affect the final photos.

What to Expect on Any Helicopter Ride

Both doors-on and doors-off helicopter rides are weather-dependent. Regardless of which option you choose, pilots won’t fly if there is too much wind or inclement weather. The crew also provides thorough safety instructions, such as passengers wearing safety harnesses for extra security when the doors are off.

During the tour, your pilot will point out important sites and maneuver the helicopter to ensure the best possible views. For anyone who wants an exciting adventure and fantastic photographs, a doors-off experience is the best option.