Views of Kalalau Beach from a helicopter

3 Fascinating Facts About the Na Pali Coast

The Nā Pali Coast, the 17 miles of coast along Kauai’s North Shore, is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes in the world. This remote area boasts incredible cliffs topped with lush, emerald forests and incredible rock shapes, stunning sea caves, and majestic waterfalls. If you’re looking for one of the most incredible private tours Hawaii has to offer, here are a few fascinating facts about Nā Pali Coast.

A First-Timer’s Guide to the Na Pali Coast

1. There Are No Roads

By land, the Nā Pali Coast Wilderness State Park is only accessible via the challenging 11-mile Kalalau Trail. To truly experience the beauty of this area, an air or water route is often the better choice. A private helicopter tour gives you a unique perspective on the waterfalls and other special features of this landscape.

2. It’s the Wettest Region in the World

The Nā Pali area boasts many of the world’s highest, most beautiful waterfalls. These endless streams are fed by the central part of Kauai Island, which receives more than 400 inches of rainfall every year.

3. The Waves Are Massive

The ocean crashing against the volcanic rock can reach up to 40 feet tall. The constant battering of powerful waves has carved the features and steep cliffs, creating the distinctive topography and sea caves that make the coast famous.

In fact, the area is named for the towering cliffs that rise from the ocean and soar up to 4,000 feet. These nearly-vertical bluffs are breathtaking, especially when viewed from the air.