How to Minimize Motion Sickness on a Helicopter

For many people, a helicopter tour is a once in a lifetime adventure. But if you often get bouts of motion sickness, you may not be able to enjoy this remarkable experience. To make the most of your trip through the clouds, use these tricks to manage the symptoms.

3 Tips for Managing Motion Sickness on a Helicopter Tour

1. Talk to the Pilot

Before taking off, let the pilot know that you’re prone to motion sickness. If possible, they may allow you to sit up front, which tends to decrease the risk of nausea.

If not, they can ensure you have a forward-facing seat, which is less spatially-disorienting. They can also use this information to guide their flight, taking care to avoid quick turns and swooping maneuvers.

2. Bring Water & Mints

If you’re dehydrated, any motion-related nausea will be exaggerated. Pack a bottle of water for the trip, and take slow, small sips throughout the ride.

You can also suck on peppermint or citrus-flavored candy, which tends to soothe feelings of nausea. If you don’t want to eat anything, just smelling the minty candy may be enough to calm your stomach.

3. Regulate Your Breathing

Motion sickness is often coupled with anxiety, and the nausea can create additional worries about getting sick during the flight. Try to concentrate on your breathing when you start to feel scared or nauseous.

Practice breathing in through the nose and out of the mouth, taking at least 10 seconds to complete each inhale and exhale cycle. If you’re traveling with a companion, hold a steady conversation with them since talking may prevent you from hyperventilating.