4 Fun Facts About Wailua Falls

Gorgeous waterfalls are among the natural tourist attractions that grace Hawaii landscapes. If you’re planning a visit to Kauai, Wailua Falls is among the geological wonders you shouldn’t skip. Take a moment to learn unique facts about the storied falls to add depth to your upcoming experience.

What You Should Know About Wailua Falls

1. There’s No Hiking Required

Kauai County officials strongly advise against hiking to the bottom of the falls due to the steep and muddy trail. While a second, more manageable trail is available, it’s most rewarding to view the falls from the top either by car or by a private helicopter charter.

The latter option is arguably ideal because you get to see more of the surrounding landscape in addition to the twin waterfalls.

2. Wailua Falls Can Turn Into a Single Waterfall

When precipitation levels are especially high, the separate falls will merge into one, forming one large fall. Also, the falls often have a stunning third-tier flow when it rains consistently. While there’s some debate, many people believe the falls are most beautiful when the flow is moderate.

3. The Falls Have Provided Film Backdrops

The picturesque falls have provided stunning backdrops for films and television series, most notably Fantasy Island. They were part of the opening credits throughout the famous series’ run. Movies filmed in the area include Blue Hawaii, one of Elvis Presley’s most successful box office ventures.

4. Rainbows Are Common

Viewing the double falls from above can sometimes include a rainbow. The colorful band often stretches across the canyon and the ocean, adding even more beauty to this already magical tourist attraction.